1.   How does nextgreens products work?

Nextgreens products are based on the principles of aquaponics and are designed to suit the urban Indian needs. The basic principle is explained below.

The entire eco-system is developed through a natural nitrogen cycle. The ammonia excreted by the fishes is broken down to nitrites and subsequently to nitrates by live bacteria  that is generated in the system. The plants extract these nutrients and in the process clean the water which is sent back to the fishes in the tank. Hence it forms a closed loop cycle where in the plants keep the water clean for the fishes and the fishes feed the plants.

 2.  What are the advantages of nextgreens products over conventional farming/ gardening?

  • No need for daily watering the plants as nextgreens products are completely automated.
  • There is no requirement to change the water throughout the life cycle of the product.
  • No need to bend for daily maintenance of your plants as nextgreens products are designed at a convenient height.
  • No problems of weeds removal as it is a completely soilless farming
  • No need for any fertilizers as this is completely an eco-cycle growing up to 100% organic produce
  • No need to worry for your long vacations as that is taken care by this automated system


3.  What plants can grow in Aquaponics?

Several varieties of veggies, flowers and herbs can be grown in the next greens products such as lettuce, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bottle gourd, chilies, bitter gourd, marigold flowers, pudina (mint), beans, ajwain etc. However it is left to the creativity of the user on how to use the system and also trying out various other types of plants.

4.  What can I expect in terms of growth of plants from the system?

Compared to traditional farming, only 1/8th of the area is required for the aquaponics farming. Typically in a 2 square feet system one can expect to grow minimum of 200 tomatoes. The growth is also rapid compared to traditional farming up to 25% in some cases.

5.  How to choose my product?

Your “green expectations” is all it takes to make the right choice of the product. We have detailed this below.

  • If you would like to grow herbs and small plants with flowers and you want to have it on your desk, select Nature Tab.
  • If you would like to grow “veggies” along with herbs and flowers select Urba-Krishi/ Barrel products.

6.  How much does it typically cost for a nextgreens product?

We are offering our products at a very reasonable pricing as our primary aim is to spread sustainable environments around us. 
We have put in lot of efforts for affordable pricing and what makes it unique is that it is customizable based on your requirements and needs. Further, barrel products are cheaper than Urba-krishi products.

The pricing of the products start from as low as INR 1500 per square feet excluding installation and transportation costs and changes based on the space and aesthetic requirements.

The “Nature Tab” product is priced at INR 12000 + shipping cost.

If you already have some of the parts like aquarium (fish tank) we will provide you a customized design to optimize on what you have so that you can grow your veggies from the same tank! 

7.  How to order my nextgreens product?

Once you have identified your product, you can identify the space at your home where you would like to install the product. The best space is where you get sunlight to your plants for at least 1-2 hours in a day. 

Once you have identified the space you may email or call us with your budget requirements.

8.  What do I get by ordering nextgreens product?

Once you order from us, just relax as you will get the complete product including installation at site. 

The items would include:
- Aquarium (fish tank)/ Barrel based on your choice
- Customized stainless steel stand to suit your space that would house the grow bed and aquarium
- Complete mechanism of the unit assembled like grow bed, piping etc
- Gravel- Choose from low weight LECA or normal gravel
- Motor
- Siphon system
- User manual of nextgreens

9.  What fishes can I use?

Generally fishes that produce more excreta are suitable for the eco-kit. However, we recommend tilapia, gold fish, and koi.

10.  What is the operating or maintenance cost of the system?

Maintenance of the system depends on what is the size of system that you have selected. For a typical 2 square feet system the cost would be in the range of INR 100 – 150 per month.

11.  Do I need to change the water frequently?

There is no requirement to change the water throughout the life cycle of the product. Only top-ups are required once in 3 weeks based on the size of the system.

12.  Would there be any issues related to mosquitos due to presence of water?

Nextgreens products have continuous high pressure flowing water and hence there is no issue of mosquitoes. Infact the mosquitoes if present will compensate for the fish feed!

13.  I do not want to have the system after I have purchased. What do I do?

One can convert the system in to hydroponics system that does not involve the fishes but is costly in terms of maintenance. Alternatively, the beauty of this product is that generally all the high quality material can be used in several different ways unlike electronic gadgets where things are degraded over the period of time.

For example:

  • The setup can be used as is for conventional gardening by converting the grow beds and providing mud instead of gravel, the stand still helps you with no requirement of bending and watering the plants.
  • Grow beds are of very high quality and are unaffected by extreme sunlight or winter weather conditions.
  • Stand being stainless steel is rust proof
  • The bottom aquarium or barrel can be converted to grow beds or simply to pump the water to the above grow beds.

What else, if it is still not required, you can call us back and we can take it back ourselves at a reasonable cost and pay you back!

14.  How to maintain the system?

Daily maintenance is less than 5 minutes each day for a 2 square feet system. The system can be taken care by automation for the vacation periods so you do not need to worry about your plants while you are on vacation.

The same is provided in our user manual which is being provided to customers that have purchased the system. However, the same can be requested from us via email/ phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions