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Choose Nature Rocks if you would like to convert backyards, terraces/ plot of land  in to a piece of nature that produces fresh and healthy greens that you can not only consume but also would like to sell/ share/ or simply own with pride. This product would deliver mainly on produce with minimal maintenance requirements.

See the picture gallery with barrel systems that are installed. Enjoy benefits of more produce, negligible water requirements, zero weeding problems compared with conventional farming.

Choose Urba Krishi if you would like to be an urban farmer or simply love to have green spaces. For urban households, MNC's and hotels, these systems can be placed indoors from corner of a room to large balconies, from reception lobbies to cafeterias. Urba krishi delivers in not only providing the with the greens but also provides you or your employees with a definite relaxation. Enjoy sitting before the system and hear the wonderful sounds of water chimes while smelling the healthy aroma and gazing at the fishes that guarantee to rejuvenate you! Visually appealing these systems can be customized or ordered from standard stable to suit you. 

Choose Nature Tab if you would like to have nature right on your desk. A highly compact system, these units are visually pleasing and due to its compact sizes can be placed on kitchen tops, table tops and reception desks.

Easy Maintenance:
- No daily watering for plants or changing water. Only occasional top-ups once in 3-4 weeks. So no need to worry for daily maintenance and even if it is a long vacation just enjoy without worry of your plants!

- No chemicals or fertilizers required

- No soil ploughing etc.  as this is soil-less farming

- No issue of weeds etc. ​

Our Products 

We have built state of the art technology based eco-friendly products that need very little maintenance to grow organic greens, veggies, herbs & flowers. There are three product variants to suit most of the urban customers who like growing greens and being connected to nature. These are:

1. Nature Rocks - For large farms or plots in institutes/ hotels who intend to grow greens either for consumption or for selling organic greens.

2. Urba-Krishi - For homes/offices. The product not only grow greens but would be enhancing aesthetics of the complete space.

3. Nature-Tab - For homes/ offices who would want to have a piece of nature right on their tables/ desks or kitchen.

      Products for All​​

Some of our installations:

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